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Equipoise designers was founded in the year 2014 and is on a route to change the experiences people have, whether it is digital or physical. We are a complete designer package with professional skills and work. The company aims in not only providing the best service but also a unique design.

The firm Equipoise Architects and Designers is a power packed company which has a combination of services which is rarely found in any enterprise around. As mentioned, the company provides services related to physical as well as digital experiences i.e. Architectural Project Planning and Designing with Graphic Design.

In terms of Architectural Projects, we work on Planning and Designing of various typologies with main focus on Residential Works and Interior Designs (concept based). Graphic Design involves illustrations, Branding & Identity, Marketing Designs (only concept based), Magazine Designs, Web Design and Mobile App Design.

These set of services are totally different in their fields but we hold one common thing between the two, User Experience. Whether it is Architecture or Graphic Design, it is the user's experience that matters us the most.

Work. Place.

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About. Services.

UI & UX. Web & App Designs.

We build impeccable websites with superior quality designs and functionality. Our design standards meets the new technology coming out in the marketplace. These designs are not just picked from some ready made templates, but designed entirely by us to match your business and your forte.

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Graphic Design. Setting an Identity.

For us, design is something that connects people to your message. Every design has its own significance. But every design also has a meaning to it. We try to put in little detail to each of our design to make its significance and meaning worthwhile.

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Architecture. An Experience.

A space well defined always connects the user. A space well designed makes the user feel it. We try to design spaces that connects the user as well as get a commendable experience.

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Illustrations. Digital Art.

We develop conceptual art designed totally in Illustrator. These illustrations are based on a theme or a concept that are portrayed in a 2D form but gives a sense of depth.

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Team. Spirit.

Ar. Ritesh Raj Gurukar

Ar. Ritesh Raj Gurukar

Principal Architect


Ar. Sunil Degwekar

Ar. Sunil Degwekar

Senior Architect


Ar. Sukhada Degwekar

Ar. Sukhada Degwekar

Architect | Graphic Designer


Ar. Renuka Ambhorkar

Ar. Renuka Ambhorkar

Junior Architect


Pravin Kadu

Mr. Pravin Kadu



Clients. We loved working with!




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